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Randy started his massage and bodywork career in south Florida in 1986 after attending a 560 hour massage training school and then being licensed by the state of Florida.  Over the years additional studying along with the attendance of advanced bodywork courses that focus on specific massage and other healing modalities have been completed. These advanced training's include a two week intensive course in postural integration, a ten week course in neuromuscular integration and structural alignment,  the five seminar levels that lead to certification in St. John method of neuromuscular therapy, Reiki master, zero balancing and many other courses in medical massage, sports massage, yoga and energy healing. In addition he has been observing and working with people from all walks of life, in different age categories and with many varying body types.  His learning and experience give him many ways to facilitate healing and deal with pain, injury/stress patterns and help make needed postural corrections.


The latest technique being used is with the Vibracussor, a medical massage percussion vibrator that can reach and treat deep facial restrictions in the joints and muscles, sometimes faster and with less discomfort than manual pressure.  


Randy's interest in the body and healing started with his introduction to body-centered psychology while attending college in the seventies. Since then nearly everything published concerning Reichian body-centered therapy and much of the literature on the mind-body connection has been explored. After years of his own personal growth work, Radix mind-body therapy and training as a Radix practitioner ( including certification in 2009 ), a foundation was built to help others access deep emotional core issues.  These old issues maybe felt and expressed through body awareness and movement, using sound or words and sometimes by the re-enactment of suppressed feelings.