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   “Randy is one of the most profound body-workers I have ever met. Having the opportunity to work with him must be regarded as a sacred time: He is truly a bodywork master. I call him Master Usem.”

            -Bruce Lano,

               Co-Founder/Director, American Yoga Foundation


     “Thanks to Randy’s great kindness and skill, deep healing of early childhood trauma has occurred within my soul.  I now live life more deeply and fully, as God has always intended for me. I owe them my life.”



       “ Randy..... Fantastic Experience.”

            - Jane


       “ .................. Randy’s Radix work opened my  body’s emotional armor, then combined with his deep tissue work, I released forever beliefs and memories locked inside.”  

             - Richard


       “ I don’t know of anyone else who does the “crunching” fascia work he does.  It is very unique and very effective.  Randy has made a positive difference to many on their road to wellness.”

             - Lori


       “ Randy is highly intuitive in his work.  He finds the areas that need work with very little direction and somehow just seems to know the best approach to loosen the tightness, restore the energy  flow, and help me bring my awareness to the areas of concern in a positive, pro-active way.  Randy  has the strongest hands of any  therapist I have ever worked with, which I needed in order to loosen some very deep muscular pain.  Randy is empathetic and gentle as he supports my work through emotional issues.  His knowledge of a wide variety of modalities makes him unique in his ability to determine the most effective treatment for each individual area of concern.”

            - Cheryl


       “ Due to a work injury quite a few years back, I had the opportunity to work with various massage therapists, and experience many modalities.  There are several things that I find unique about Randy.  First, he has an ability to sense the areas where there are issues, and is able to determine the best way to work them out.  Beyond that gift, he has a drive to get to the root of the issues and not give up.  And that is the only time I have found true relief from my pain.  He also has a technique of working the fibers of the muscles, in which I experience a popping sensation that is indescribable, such a feeling of relief - a feeling I have not experienced with anyone else.”         - Barbara