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    Randy has developed a style of bodywork that brings together elements of Radix-body centered emotional therapy, combined with various massage techniques. A few other body work pioneers have previously used and taught similar concepts of client interaction combined  with massage. One school is called Hellerwork and another  is Jack Painter's Postural Integration. Both of these are based on Rolfing, which is a very deep form of bodywork combined with Reichian style body psychotherapy concepts.  


   Reichian therapy comes from the work of Wilhelm Reich, a student of Freud and the first psychiatrist to explore the mind/body connection and change the western view of emotions, therapy and body-energy flow( like in the eastern concept of chi ).  



Armorless Interactive Massage:


   Today more and more therapists, psychologists, bio-molecular theorists and body educators are coming to realize and understand the important body/mind connection, and the value of working through unresolved trauma and psychological issues with the whole person involved in the process.


   Randy has been studying Reichian psychology since college in the 70's, started the Radix process as personal therapy in the early 90's and finished Radix practitioner training with certification in 2009. Part of his massage training has been in Postural Integration, a deep fascial form of body manipulation somewhat like Rolfing. His interactive style of massage brings together the experiential( sometimes emotional ) Radix processes along with the massage table bodywork.  


   These interactive sessions almost always involves a deepening and lengthening of the breath. People have trouble sustaining a full deep breath for many reasons.  Massage manipulations and sometimes sounds or words are used to help to increase the full inhale or exhale.  The breathing and sounds may access feelings that are close to the surface and connected with tight muscles and holding patterns in the body.  Client movement is used to work different angles and layers of  the muscles and tissues.  Movements may be soft or hard helping to bring to awareness emotional tones or feelings connected to the region of the body that is in movement. There can be an acting “as if “ quality to the client's expression, as in being angry, afraid or sad which sometimes leads to a deep emotional release.  


   The total experience can lead to deep relaxation, greater body awareness, the opening of tension patterns that normally resist change and a deeper connection to sometimes rarely felt emotions.