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    Welcome to our website, which features massage and bodywork options of our Armorless Body Therapies Alternative Health Services.  We offer Tucson unique forms of natural healing through full body therapy, deep massage and energy work.  


   Come meet us and check out our home healing studio where we create a safe, nurturing environment, and see if our services are a right fit and we will look forward to helping you.  You may choose a body treatment that fits your individual needs and create a session that meets your own holistic healing goals. All of our alternative therapies are provided with the intent to increase natural health and spiritual well being. If the goal is simply stress and pain relief or enhancing energy, performance and personal growth try our holistic body therapies. So come get your massage Tucson, you’ll feel the difference.


      Randy is a Certified Radix Practitioner and Arizona State Licensed Massage Therapist with over 25 years massage experience.  His appointments usually run from one hour to an hour and a half with a session covering a spectrum of massage modalities and body therapy treatments.  These include general massages that are restorative in nature for reducing stress, pain and tension while promoting the overall maintenance of good body health.  As needed, deeper and more specific techniques can be applied for injury rehabilitation,

postural correction, sports performance and emotional release.







 postural correction, sports performance and emotional release.

      Randy provides a unique treatment his individual skills in addressing the client's needs and for creating a greater potential of the holistic healing process.


   If your interest is in body/mind connection, trauma therapy and deep feeling release you may want to try the Radix process of emotional healing, alone or combined with the other bodywork services. Please see our other website


    Feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a session. Thanks for considering us for your body/therapy needs.